Schools of Behaviorism

Methodological Behaviorism

S-O-R Stimulus organism variable response

Occurs in response to stimuli in the physical environment as mediated through presumed internal processes according to an S-O-R model of psychology.  Methodological behaviorists believe that human behavior results from the action of presumed organic variables that determines how a person responds to external stimuli.

According to Methodological Behaviorism, talking is an overt response to stimuli mediated through organismic variables. Early Methodological Behaviorists ignored both private events and internal processes.  Modern Methodological Behaviorists may use their data to make inferences about hypothetical mental processes, although they do not incorporate those into their data analysis.

Radical Behaviorism

According to Radical Behaviorism, thinking is the private act of talking to oneself.  Radical Behaviorism accounts for “private events” by attributing them to environmental considerations. Environmental factors (ie, social settings and social skills) are thought to be the potential causal factors related to anxiety levels.  According to Radical Behaviorism, thinking is the private act of privately talking to oneself.

Consequent stimulus changes are part of the equation of Radical Behaviorism and one of the key differentiators from Behaviorism.  This is the idea that behavior occurs due to antecedent and consequent events that occur in the physical environment.

Skinner was a radical behaviorist.

S-R-S Model of Psychology

Metallism – encourages clients to examine ones thoughts through introspection to determine the reason for their behaviors and state of mind.

John Watson S-R Early behaviorists




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