Clinic Services

Clinic-Based Therapy for Kids with Autism

Clinic-based therapy provides structured sessions in a supportive group environment, allowing your child to benefit from both one-on-one time with a therapist and valuable peer interactions. All activities and skill development are tailored to meet your child’s unique goals and challenges.

While clinic-based therapy includes dedicated one-on-one time with a therapist, it also fosters social skill development by offering opportunities for your child to interact with peers. Sessions are conducted in a classroom-like setting, preparing your child for school readiness and helping them adapt to various social situations.

Benefits of our Clinic-Based Program:

  • Personalized Attention — your child benefits from direct intervention by a therapist who understands their individual needs, adapting and customizing programming accordingly.
  • Social Skill Development — peer interactions in a group setting enhance your child’s social and communication skills.
  • Classroom Preparation — structured sessions in a classroom-like setting help your child practice sitting, following routines, and other school-ready behaviors.

Focused therapy within a clinic environment! 

clinic-based ABA