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Austin ABA Therapy Services

The Austin ABA Therapy Team Welcomes You!

Our experienced Austin ABA therapy staff is well-trained in meeting the needs of early learners.  We focus on language acquisition, social skills and overcoming challenging behaviors.  If you live in Austin or the surrounding areas, such as East Austin, Central Austin, South Austin, Kyle, Buda, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Lakeway, TarryTown, and Sunset Valley, we have an Austin ABA Therapy Services program to help support you and your family. Check out our school day, full day and social skills programs, as well as home and community services here for more information.

Applied Behavior Analysis Service Provider

Our commitment is to provide evidence-based services that will enhance your child and your family’s quality of life. We provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, using Natural Environment Teaching and Discrete Trial Training instructional methods, along with parent support services, to help you and your child accomplish behavioral goals.

What Does the Therapy Process Look Like If We’d Like to Join?

First, we welcome you to come in for a tour of our center and meet the team at the Austin mental health clinic. If your child has a diagnosis of autism, please bring in your diagnostic paperwork that you received from your doctor. From there, we will work with your insurance provider to determine eligibility and benefits for services as well as to obtain an authorization for a milestone assessment.

Some of the Milestone Assessments We Use to Determine Best Fit for Services Include:

The milestone assessment determines the needed hours for mental health services as well as helping to determine your child’s individualized curriculum. At this point, we will build your team of therapists based on your child’s needs and set a start date for services to begin.

Meet Our Austin Clinical Team 

Taylor Russell BCBA

Taylor Russell, BCBA, LBA – Clinic Director of South Austin ABA Connect

Hi, I’m Taylor, I’ve been in the mental health field since working in state-funded group homes in 2014 while I was completing undergrad. I’ve worked in ABA since 2016 and have had the unique privilege of working with both clients and clinicians from an eclectic array of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. My passions in the field include social skills, relational-frame theory, OBM and ACT.

With a whole family approach to therapy my staff and I are here to help you work on what’s important to you. Our goal is for you and your loved ones get to get the most out of life, on your terms. Practicing trauma-informed ABA is my upmost priority and I’ve worked hard to make our ABA program a progressive, comfortable space where my clients and staff feel safe to express themselves however they see fit.


Anna Reinhart, BCBA at ABA Connect South Clinic

Hello! My name is Anna Reinhart, and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at ABA Connect South Clinic. I was born and raised in Texas, and currently live in the Austin area with my husband and two cats. I received my masters in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology in May of 2021 and became a BCBA in June of 2021.

I have always enjoyed working with children, and especially found a passion for working with neuro-diverse children. I first developed an interest in the field of ABA while applying for internship locations that worked with children using an individualized, and play-based approach during my last semester of undergrad. I found ABA Connect and have been here ever since!

When I am not at ABA Connect I enjoy cooking, reading, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

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