Social Skills ABA Program

Social Skills for Children with Autism

Many children benefit from being taught appropriate social interactions in a group setting. This program is ideal for kids who miss social cues or have awkward interactions with others. 

The social skills group is for children aged 7 to 12. The therapists who lead this program teach kids how to improve their conversational skills, make friends, play in groups, and practice emotional regulation. Kids are taught classroom routines and individual and group play skills through modeling and role play. 

To be eligible for this program, clients need to have minimal problem behaviors, be able to engage in basic conversational back-and-forth exchanges, and not require one-on-one support to engage in a group.

Benefits of our Social Skills ABA Program:

  • After school hours — our social skills program is scheduled after school so your child doesn’t miss out on their academic learning
  • Clinic Setting — center-based training provides an opportunity for group instruction 
  • Skill Development — understanding the basics of conversation, waiting your turn to talk, using kind words, and how to make peer-aged friends
  • Self-Advocacy — gives kids the communication skills they need to ask for what they need 
  • Social Interactions — frequent social engagement in both small and larger sized groups teaches kids to make friends

Teaching pro-social behaviors and building friendships with peers! 

social skills aba program