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Whether you are new to behavior therapy for kids with autism or you’ve been using a traditional ABA provider for a long time, ABA Connect offers a fresh, new approach. It is possible for children with autism to be happy while they’re learning new skills. We treat early learners to adolescents based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles in a fun, playful environment. Our focus is on teaching kids new skills so they can graduate from ABA and go on to doing things they enjoy. If your child has an autism diagnosis or you suspect your child has autism, contact our office at 833-225-9393. ABA Connect provides help for challenging behaviors, communication, social interactions, and more. Serving kids with autism in Rockwall, Texas, and surrounding areas, including Fate, Heath, McLendon-Chisolm, Mobile City, Rowlett, Royse City, Farmersville, Wylie, and Greenville. 


Melinda Bird, BCBA - Clinical Director

Melinda Bird, BCBA, is the Clinical Director at the ABA Connect Rockwall, Texas, location. Melinda has worked with kids with autism and special needs for over 15 years. During that time, she practiced Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in various settings—from early childhood clinics to group homes for adults, from in-home therapy to school settings. The youngest patient she treated was nine months old, and the oldest was 84. 

Though Melinda’s experience is vast, she is laser-focused on one thing—helping improve the quality of life for those living with special needs. 

Achieve a better quality of life for kids with autism!

Everyone—no matter their abilities—should have opportunities available to them. There is no guidebook for raising a child with autism to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. Most parents end up overwhelmed with no clear path toward giving their children a life they enjoy. 

The therapists at ABA Connect will help guide you forward.

At ABA Connect, we teach foundational skills that will apply to your child in school and later in life. We ensure kids have the skills to learn and grow up to do something they genuinely enjoy.

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A more holistic way to do ABA therapy.

Many children with autism are missing developmental milestones. Using the Developmental Approach to ABA, Melinda and her team teach kids skills they skipped over. In doing so, they can learn new things more efficiently. 

For each child, Melinda begins by envisioning what their life could look like in three areas. She asks questions, listens, and observes. From there, she builds an ABA plan to work toward what a whole and fulfilling life will be one day.

  • Home - What is the child’s role in family relationships, and how can we strengthen relationships?
  • Community - What weekly hobbies can this person engage in for positive and appropriate social interactions?
  • School/Work/Volunteer - What does this child love to do that can translate into school success now and a job or volunteer opportunity in the future?

All treatment done through ABA Connect happens in a naturalistic environment. A naturalistic environment could be a client's home or a clinic that resembles a classroom and playground. We also take clients into the community to learn how to interact appropriately in the world in which they live. 

The best way to reinforce positive behavior in a child is by doing what they enjoy as they learn. 

"I teach [kids with autism] skills so they can live the life they want to live…We want people with autism to do the things that are important to them."
- Melinda Bird, BCBA

Melinda wants parents and teachers to know that it's easier than it seems to build skills and change behaviors. It's all about relationships. She and her team are ready to be both a resource and a source of hope and encouragement. 

Though ABA is research-based and data-driven by nature, Melinda believes that creativity and flexibility are just as important in challenging situations. She is incredibly intuitive and able to pick up on the unique needs of each kid she works with in such a way as to create meaningful life changes. She trains her Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to do the same. 



We are ready to welcome learners for part-day and full day autism therapy services!

ABA applied behavior analysis therapy

Exceptional Staff

Our therapists participate in a rigorous training, including studying for and obtaining their Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credentials.

ABA Therapy for Autism

Learning Through Play

Our Learning Through Play model of ABA gives our learners the chance to discover their motivation and explore the environment through play.

Rosa Client Care

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Path to progress in a play-based ABA setting includes the following:

  1. Start with observing the child. What are they focused on now that could lead to a work or volunteer opportunity in the long term?
  2. Build missing developmental skills. What skills need to be taught so the child can do more things they enjoy doing?
  3. Have fun. In what ways can we creatively engage with a child so that they are enjoying the process of learning? 

ABA improves the quality of life for the child and the family!

Currently accepting full-day and part-day clients for in-home ABA therapy in Rockwall, Texas. 

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