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Join Us and See How Play Can Lead to Remarkable Progress

We teach five foundational skill sets for kids with autism. These skill sets teach kids crucial life skills and increase independence.

We believe teaching these foundational skill sets is crucial to helping children with autism learn and grow. Our therapists are dedicated to providing individualized and comprehensive therapy to help each child succeed.

We offer ABA therapy services throughout Texas.

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Our 5 Foundational Skill Sets

Communication SkillsWe teach functional communication to decrease frustration and tantrums, even for non-verbal kids. This helps children express their needs and wants effectively, reducing challenging behaviors.

Social SkillsWe help children develop self-awareness and self-esteem by practicing turn-taking and accepting the choices of others. This increases their confidence in social situations.

Behavior Management SkillsWe teach children to manage challenging behaviors and tough transitions using self-calming and coping tools. This helps them regulate their emotions and stay focused.

Life SkillsWe teach children to gain greater independence through toilet training, dressing, hygiene, meal choices, and chores. These skills help children become more self-sufficient.

School Readiness Skills We prepare children for school success by teaching them how to learn at a table, with peers, and practicing sustained attention. This helps them transition smoothly into school and succeed academically.

Join ABA Connect and witness the power of play in remarkable progress.

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