School Readiness ABA Program

ABA for Preschool Children with Autism

Some children need help preparing for a school setting. That’s why we’ve designed the school-readiness program. 

The school readiness program is for children aged 4 to 6 years old who need guidance in a structured learning environment. Our program models a typical school day. Kids spend time participating in school-type activities such as indoor and outdoor play, arts and crafts, circle time, and early academic skills. Our registered behavior therapists (RBTs) teach kids in groups as well as work one-on-one with them. Children in this program receive 25 to 40 hours of treatment per week, Monday through Friday. 

Benefits of our Early Learners ABA Program:

  • Clinic Setting — all-day-long center-based learning provides an opportunity for group instruction and specialized one-on-one therapy  
  • Skill Development — understanding of preschool-level academics that will translate into the school setting
  • Self-Advocacy — gives kids the communication skills they need to advocate for their needs and wants with grown-ups and peers 
  • Self-Determination — the ability to make decisions and complete tasks independently 
  • Play-Based Therapy — learning skills and having fun while making progress
  • Social Interactions — frequent social engagement in both small and larger sized groups teaches kids to make friends
  • Natural Environment — children can explore their interests, such as music, arts, crafts, and physical play, in a flexible environment where learning is fun!

Preparing Your Child for School — Academically, Emotionally, and Socially!

school readiness program