ABA Home-Services

Home-Based and Community-Based ABA for Kids with Autism

For many kids, home-based or community-based ABA is an excellent option for treatment. It provides a chance for them to learn in their home environment. Kids will more readily generalize skills to real life as well as in public places such as the library, grocery store, splash pads, and school. 

When our BCBAs and RBTs work with your child in your home, we get to know your family’s unique needs and find solutions that help your child grow and thrive. 

Benefits of our Home and Community-Based ABA Program:

  • Schedule flexibly — many older children do home-based ABA after school hours, while we can work around nap schedules for little ones
  • Convenience — therapists come to you, which is easier for the whole family
  • Generalization — the opportunity to practice ABA in settings where your child is struggling, whether at home, school, or other places within the community
  • Ongoing Parenting Training — often, when therapists treat clients in the home, they can coach parents in real-time, which provides more consistent parent support
  • Therapy for Older Kids — clinics are often designed for early learners, while home-based settings are an excellent alternative for big kids

We empower children to thrive at home, in school, and beyond!

home-based ABA therapy
community-based ABA

We offer home services throughout Austin, Dallas, and Houston.