Have a Meaningful Career in ABA — Make a Difference in the Lives of Kids with Autism!

Do you want to make a positive impact?

As an ABA therapist, you play a vital role in helping children and their families using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). At ABA Connect, we help children to form meaningful connections with others and experience the world in life-changing ways. Join us in making a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

ABA Connect is now hiring for locations across Texas!
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For many staff, coming to ABA Connect can revitalize their careers and help reignite their passion for the field. Our play-based approach makes each day different and exciting. And being in an innovative environment can renew therapists’ sense of purpose. Many of our new therapists immediately see the impact they make on kids’ lives and the hope they give to families. That’s something people want to be a part of! 

Imagine helping kids with autism develop the skills they need to live an amazing life. 

To apply, email your resume to jobs@abaconnect.com. Please include a letter explaining why you want to work in ABA, specifically at ABA Connect. We know there are a lot of options for you to make a difference. Why do you think we’d work well together? We want to know!

You can also find out about the specific jobs that we have posted as well as read our employee reviews on our Indeed listing!

What’s different about working at ABA Connect versus other ABA companies?

We play with kids during treatment and make learning fun!

We have a passion for play-based therapy. Learning can be fun, and progress happens in a positive environment. Rather than push kids to conform to appropriate behavior, we nurture the development of kids through things that interest them. Our philosophy makes treatment sessions more enjoyable for a child, and our therapists love it!

The progress made by clients who receive services at ABA Connect is extremely satisfying. They go on to do amazing things, and being a part of that is exciting!

We build safeguards against exhaustion and burnout for our therapists.

While we are committed to growing our business, we do not compromise on the quality of service we provide. We do not try to squeeze more clients onto a therapist’s caseload for the sake of profits. Our philosophy is to practice responsible and sustainable growth. We are dedicated to making ABA Connect an excellent place for BCBAs and RBTs to work. 

Our therapists have a lower-than-average caseload, protecting them from exhaustion and burnout. We also offer flexible work hours to fit your stage of life.

We offer a collaborative work environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

At ABA Connect, there are endless opportunities to grow. We foster a supportive and flexible environment that accommodates your personal life. As well as provide career development and promotion opportunities.

Many of our therapists have found a career path, promotion opportunities, and a fun and supportive work environment that feels like family.