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Assessments and therapy for children with autism in Austin, Texas. Call 512-898-9044 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your child's needs.

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Founded in 2013, ABA Connect seeks to be the premier private early intervention service provider for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and elementary aged children with or at risk for autism serving Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to provide evidence-based services that will enhance your child and your family's quality of life.


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Behavioral Treatment for Specific Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias are increasingly common in children. A fear of needles is a particularly common fear that usually starts in early childhood and can result in significant avoidance of  medical procedures in general. A recent NPR story describes a...

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My Child Just Got Diagnosed with Autism, Now What Do I Do?

A diagnosis of autism can be an uncertain time for a family. Many parents are sent into a whirlwind of emotions and left wondering unanswerable questions: Why is this happening? How did this happen? What will their future look like?...

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Enjoying the Holidays with a Child on the Spectrum: Visiting Santa

By: Caroline Roesel, MEd, BCBA Parents want their children to experience the “magic” of the holiday seasons and partake in as many activities as they choose. This can be challenging with a child on the spectrum who may want to...

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