Early Learners ABA Program

ABA for Young Children with Autism

Studies consistently demonstrate the critical role of early intervention in maximizing developmental progress for children with autism. 

For children aged 2 to 5 facing significant communication, socialization, and behavior challenges, enrolling them in a comprehensive learning center program like the Early Learners ABA program offered at ABA Connect can yield substantial benefits through ABA therapy. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting your child’s growth and development.

Benefits of our Early Learners ABA Program:

  • Clinic Setting — all-day-long center-based learning provides an opportunity for specialized one-on-one therapy as well as following group directions 
  • Skill Development — developing age-appropriate skills that will translate into the home, community, and school-based settings
  • Self-Advocacy — gives kids the communication skills they need to advocate for their needs and wants as well as care for basic hygiene needs
  • Play-Based Therapy — learning skills and having fun while making progress
  • Social Interactions — frequent social engagement in both small and larger sized groups teaches kids to make friends
  • Natural Environment — children can explore their interests, such as music, arts, crafts, and physical play, in a flexible environment where learning is fun!

We give young children the foundation to thrive!

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