Our Approach

Welcome to ABA Connect, Where Play Meets Progress for Kids with Autism!

Our customized programs make learning fun by incorporating preferred activities and positive reinforcement. We accept and support every child, empowering them to overcome challenges and develop essential skills.

To sum up our approach in one phrase — play-based learning! 

play-based ABA

Our Play-Based Approach 

Play is our foundation.

Our approach is based on play, and we focus on each child’s preferred activities to help them learn new skills at their own pace. We also identify what motivates each child and use positive reinforcement to encourage growth.

Kids are our focus.

We love working with kids who have autism, and we accept them for who they are, no matter their differences and challenges. We equip them to communicate and self-advocate to overcome problematic behaviors and difficult social situations. Our therapy takes place in different settings depending on what’s best for the child, including our autism centers throughout Texas, homes, schools, and the community.

Parents are our partners.

Parent involvement and caregiver training are part of our holistic approach. We view parents as partners and see significant progress when parents are empowered to deliver ABA principles at home consistently.

Dedication is in our DNA. 

Dedication is in the DNA of every staff member. We want to see kids succeed. That’s why we optimize the therapy program with initial evaluations and ongoing progress monitoring. We will adjust if something isn’t working or a new challenge arises.  

ABA is our passion.

Our therapists are caring and compassionate individuals who have discovered ABA as the most effective method for teaching kids with autism. We believe in the principles of ABA and are passionate about teaching others how to practice in a naturalistic way that makes learning fun. 

You can check out our blog for additional resources if you want to learn more about ABA and how we deliver services. We use two main methods, Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Discrete Trial Training (DTT), to help children with autism learn and have fun.

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