Tracey Demers, BCBA, ADOS Administrator

ABA Connect offers the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition) free of charge. This is a very commonly used diagnostic tool and is completed by an experienced clinician. Following the evaluation, a report including the results and observations will be forwarded to your doctor for diagnosis.

We understand that this is an important step towards helping your child. There is no waitlist so give us a call today to schedule your ADOS.


What is the ADOS-2?

The ADOS-2 is a diagnostic tool that is very commonly used to aid in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. There are 5 different modules, ranging from toddler to adult. The module used for the assessment is selected based on age and communication level. Depending on which module is chosen, parent involvement may be required. The ADOS-2 includes a variety of structured and semi-structured activities that are designed to assess communication, social interaction, and restricted and repetitive behaviors.


What to expect:

· After reaching out to us to schedule your ADOS, you will be asked to complete a few short documents to help the clinician prepare

· The ADOS-2 takes roughly an hour to complete and includes a variety of fun activities. Depending on the age and communication level of the child, a parent may be asked to join.

· The clinician will answer any questions and discuss next steps

· Following the evaluation, the scored results and observations will be sent to your doctor

· The doctor will review the results to determine whether criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been met