Parent Training ABA Program

Caregiver Training and Support for Families of Kids with Autism

Parent involvement is essential to the success of ABA treatment, and it goes both ways!

Not only do ABA therapists provide parent education about their child’s autism diagnosis, help them with behavior management techniques, as well as how to teach their child new skills. But parents give our therapists important information about their child that can direct the course of our treatment.

At ABA Connect, we provide all caregivers training on using behavioral procedures at home and in the community. Our BCBAs work one-on-one with family members to ensure your child uses their newly learned skills and pro-social behaviors in their natural environment, not just the clinic.

Benefits of our Parenting Training Program:

  • Family-Focused Programming — considers the needs of the entire family in client programming and allows families to provide input into the help they need in their home and community
  • Insurance — working directly with your insurance company to help you get coverage for ABA therapy
  • Regular Touchpoints — ongoing feedback and instruction through progress reports and team meetings
  • Community Outings — BCBA will work with you and your child in different community settings so you can have success on outings
  • Ongoing Progress Monitoring — revisit mastered goals to ensure progress is maintained 

Parents and ABA therapists working together so your child can thrive! 

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