6 Attitudes of Science

ABA is a science

Determinism: Is based on cause and effect relations and lawfulness.  Everything can be determined.

Empiricism: Is based on facts, observation, and experimentation.  An emperor obserserves from his throne.

Experimentation: Manipulation of variables and taking measurements and collecting data yields answers.  When you are experimenting, you are conducting an experiment.

Replication: Experiments can be repeated to check for errors and ensure that data was collected reliably.  Replication is the act of repeating an experiment with the SAME results.

Parsimony: The simplest and most logical explanation is often the correct explanation.

Philosophical Doubt: A true scientist maintains doubt and seeks the truth through scientific means.


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  1. David Zermeño Altamirano
    David Zermeño Altamirano says:

    Soy David Zermeño Altamirano, estudiante de la UNAM, Facultad de Psicología y haré una tesis sobre el concepto “Parsimonia”. Pueden amablemente compartir conmigo algunas referencias dónde pueda conocer más a fondo esta actitud. Felicidades por el sitio y saludos cordiales.

    • Karina
      Karina says:

      Podrias buscar en el libro de Copper? Hay muchas fuentes en google si buscas las actitudes de la ciencia.

  2. Gashaw T
    Gashaw T says:

    Thank you for your contribution.

    My question is: are NOT the mentioned attitudes called philosophical assumptions of science? I think these are philosophical assumptions of any scientific field of study. Unlike common sense, science believes in those assumptions.


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