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Creating a Positive Haircut Experience for Kids with Autism

A Parent's Perspective: Tips for Sensory-Friendly Haircuts I used to cut my son's hair. I knew if I took him somewhere for a haircut, he would freak out from the overwhelming sensory experience. But if I cut it, I could set the stage for success…
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How to Increase Your Child’s Skill in Following Directions

Whether your child ignores your directions completely, or dawdles for what seems like endless amounts of time before eventually complying, parents are often frustrated when children don’t follow instructions. You may wind up nagging or yelling…
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Alternatives to Time-Out

Originally posted December 3, 2014 by Dr. Lindsay Evans, additions made December 18, 2020 by Amanda Dixon Time-out can be an effective discipline technique for many children. However, some parents may want to approach challenging behavior…
Mom puts Santa hat on boy with autism for the holidays

Supplemental and Alternative ADHD Interventions

Popular supplemental and alternative ADHD interventions include removing certain foods from an individual's diet or adding vitamins/supplements and other foods. Some of these methods may be minimally effective. It is important to consider the…
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New Year, New You?

The New Year often brings resolutions of positive, sometimes dramatic changes to our lifestyles. Goals of weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, organization, or career accomplishment are commonly kick-started by the changing of the calendar.…