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thankful for autism

Things to be Thankful for with Autism {+ a FREE printable}

A Parent's Perspective: The awesome things about autism I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving November is a season of thanksgiving and gratitude. If we're honest, thankfulness is not typically our first response when parenting a child with…
autism friendly home

Creating an Autism-Friendly Home

A Parent Perspective: Incorporating ABA Into Your Home Environment Scrolling through social media one day, this post completely captured my feelings of home:  I love my home. I love being at home. And I love inviting people over to…
ABA Skills

How to Practice ABA Skills at Home

I can’t wait to get home and work on everything my child learned in therapy! Said no mother ever.  Therapy is not just hard work for my kid; it's hard work for me. I know a consistent approach is essential to the transference of skills…
autism myths busted

Debunking Some Common Myths and Misconceptions about ABA Therapy 

As a parent or caregiver of a child with autism, you may have heard about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Unfortunately, not all of the information you come across is true. In fact, some of it can be harmful and lead to misconceptions…
ABA parent training

Supporting Your Child’s ABA Journey with Confidence

Understanding the ABA Parent Training Process at ABA Connect Before my son Nathan came along, I thought I was a pretty good parent. I knew the fundamentals of providing a nurturing, loving home environment for my child with healthy boundaries…