What is ABA anyway?

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ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis.  It is the science dedicated to improving human behavior by using the scientific method to analyze behavioral interventions and determining their effectiveness in improving behaviors of social significance.   It uses the basic principle of reinforcement in order to increase desirable behaviors.  The function of detrimental behaviors is analyzed and more beneficial behaviors are taught to replace the detrimental behaviors by reinforcing the new, and incompatible behaviors.

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hi, I would like to say that this is an amazing website. I have not seen to date any other site that explains the field of ABA so well. A lot of sites are either too simple or too complex, this one is just right.

    I would like to ask if I could use some of the summaries you have written on this site for a presentation I am providing for a public school to help them understand ABA in schools. I would reference your site on any slide your wording was used. If you have a preference for how the reference is written I would include that also. If you do not allow others to reference the site please let me know and I will attempt to write my own definitions as well as you have yours.

  2. C Y
    C Y says:

    hi. I am studying for my BCBA exam and find your website extremely helpful ( more then other sites) .
    Do you have flash cards of the material available for purchase you can send to me explained in the clear way its on your website?


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