School Struggles: Does Your Child Need Additional Support?

Warning Signs of School Struggles

The fall is underway and grades are in. Is your child is struggling with school?  Since initial grading periods have passed, continued school struggles may be a sign that your child’s difficulties require additional attention. The following warning signs may be useful to decide whether or not your child may be in need of additional supports or accommodations:

  • Receiving borderline or failing grades at school despite trying their best
  • Spending hours at home trying to help your child complete their homework
  • Struggling with already learned concepts
  • Frustration with homework
  • Attempts to hide notes from the teacher
  • Misplaced or lost homework assignments
  • Embarrassment while reading aloud

Seeking Support

If you notice one or more of these signs of school struggles, it may be time to seek additional support.  Your first step should be to request a parent-teacher conference.  A conference will let you know if your child’s teacher notices the same problems.  The teacher should be able to offer some suggestions for academic supports offered through the school.  Additionally, the school counselor may also be a helpful resource.  Occasionally, some parents may consider utilizing outside tutoring services.  However, if you have tried these interventions and your child continues to struggle, there are additional options.  If you are unsure of the appropriate next step, a consultation with a trained educational specialist may be appropriate.

Accommodations for School Struggles

When students continue to struggle despite regular education interventions and supports, they may be eligible for 504 accommodations.  Furthermore, if you have watched your child struggle academically for a significant amount of time, sometimes it is appropriate to request a full and individual evaluation to determine if your child has a disability requiring additional accommodations.


There are many warning signs that your child is experiencing school struggles.  If you pay attention to these warning signs then you should be able to utilize available support systems to empower your child to overcome their difficulties.

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