Is Helicopter Parenting Holding Kids Back?

A recent article published by Slate brings attention to the possible negative impact of being too invested and involved in our children’s lives and success, described as “helicopter parenting.” Dr. Brooks discussed this in an earlier blog…
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The School Year Wrap-Up

Before the school year becomes a distant, faded memory, it can be helpful to sit down with your son or daughter to do a positive “school year wrap-up.” This exercise prompts self-reflection and helps your child make connections between actions…

Put Away Smartphones!

When we want to reduce our kids' screen time, one of the best ways is preventative, on the front end. It's so easy nowadays for kids (and adults) to turn to the screen to find something to do. While this convenience has its benefits, it ultimately…
Parent and Child Practicing ABA Therapy in Houston
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Early Signs of Autism
Buidling Positive relationships with children
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What is ABA anyway?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis.  It is the science dedicated to improving human behavior by using the scientific method to analyze behavioral interventions and determining their effectiveness in improving behaviors of social significance. …