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How to Cope with Holiday Stress

Since the holiday season is in full swing, many of us worry about getting the perfect gift, making travel arrangements, putting our finances in order, or welcoming back the young adults who just completed their first college semester. This produces a lot of holiday stress and anxiety during one of the most exciting times of […]


Redshirting – Should You Delay Kindergarten?

This week thousands of 5-year-old children in the U.S. and in the Austin area will be getting onto school buses to head toward their first day of kindergarten. But, there is a growing group of 5-year-olds that will not be getting on the bus; but will instead be staying in preschool for another year. It’s […]

How Do BCBAs Individualize Treatment for My Child? 

If you’ve received or looked into receiving ABA treatment for your family, it’s likely that you’ve read about individualization of care. The term “individualized” is used frequently in the field of applied behavior analysis, and refers to how Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) tailor treatment to their client’s needs and the needs of their families.   The role of a BCBA is to find the most impactful, evidence-based […]

Transitioning to a New Bed! 

~~  From the Author, Caroline Roesel, BCBA, LBA:   As a BCBA and parent to a young child who recently transitioned out of his crib, I wanted to share how ABA can help caregivers through this particular transition!  ~~  We’re in a new age of parenting – one filled with endless websites and books that tell parents how to help their child do almost anything!  […]

Parent Self-Care

This blog is one of a series created to assist parents during the COVID-19 health crisis. Parent Self-Care It’s easy to see that our society did not predict how far-reaching and long-lasting the COVID-19 pandemic would become. And yet, parents are making do as best they can. Mothers and fathers are working hard and making […]

How to Teach Your Child Responsibility

As parents, your main goal is to teach your child to be a self-efficient adult; however, that is easier said than done. Teaching your child responsibility is a lesson that requires consistency. When we are responsible, it proves we can take care of ourselves and things that are of value to us. Below are several […]


New Year, Renewed School Motivation!

A New Year and new semester is upon us. It’s a great time to re-energize and refresh routines for the entire family. Many children struggle to stay organized, manage a hectic schedule, and complete the large volumes of homework that are now the norm in schools. If your child and family are experiencing a mid-year slump, here […]

Experiences Impact Happiness More Than Material Gifts

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about my upcoming visits with family and how to make the best of every moment together. My family is, sadly, spread out all across the country, so our visits are few and far between. Looking back at visits from previous years, I notice that I hardly remember […]

Back to School Nerves? How to Help Your Child.

You probably remember that antsy feeling before the first day of school. It was a combination of excitement, a little bit of nervousness, and maybe some sadness about the end of vacation. Some kids worry about getting a mean teacher or having a bully from last year reappear in their class again. Mixed feelings during times […]


Enhancing Parent and Teacher Collaboration

As we start a new school year, building a positive relationship with your children’s teachers is an essential component for success. Research shows that when parents and teachers work together, students benefit greatly. Overall, students attend school more regularly, perform better on tests, earn higher grades, have better behavior, and show more positive attitudes toward […]

Intervention Recommendation Overload?

Our present interconnected world offers so many sources that individuals often feel as if they are suffering from intervention recommendation overload. When feeling overwhelmed by intervention recommendation overload, how can you sift through the sources? How exactly do we weed out recommendations or interventions lacking evidence or support? The unfortunate truth is that most of […]