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communication skills

Encouraging Communication Skills in Autistic Children

Strategies and activities to promote communication development in non-verbal or minimally verbal children with autism Communication challenges are a hallmark of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and present hurdles that can hinder social interactions,…

Warning: Not Having a Summer Schedule May Create Extra Stress (but it’s not too late to make one!)

A Parent’s Perspective: 5 Lessons I Learned About Creating a Plan for the Summer Last summer, I hoped for chill vibes. I did very little scheduling of playdates, camps, or additional therapies. I thought we would take things as they came…

Understanding IEPs and IEP Meetings

What is an IEP?  An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that can be implemented in the school setting when/if a child qualifies for one. The IEP is individualized to each child and provides accommodations or modifications to their school…
autism awareness

Autism Awareness: 7 Awesome Things About Individuals with Autism

A Parent’s Perspective: Celebrating the Unique and Beautiful Things About Children with Autism April is Autism Awareness Month, a time dedicated to understanding and celebrating the incredible uniqueness of individuals with Autism Spectrum…
sensory processing

Does my child have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

Exploring Sensory Processing in Children with Autism Aisling Hagan, MA, and Clinical Resident at Bright Behavior Inc. Have you ever noticed your child gag when eating certain textures? Or prefer for the lights to be off in the room? Or even…
summer camp

How to Know if Your Child With Autism Is Ready for Summer Camp

A Parent’s Perspective: 10 Things to Help Prepare Your Child for Camp Now is the time of year when parents begin chatting about how they will keep their kids entertained this summer. It'll be here before you know it, even though the ground…
haircuts for kids with autism
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Creating a Positive Haircut Experience for Kids with Autism

A Parent's Perspective: Tips for Sensory-Friendly Haircuts I used to cut my son's hair. I knew if I took him somewhere for a haircut, he would freak out from the overwhelming sensory experience. But if I cut it, I could set the stage for success…
home environment autism

Creating a Home Environment For Your Child with Autism to Thrive

As parents of young children with autism, creating a supportive home environment is essential to promoting your child’s development, comfort, and well-being. A home that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your child can significantly…

10 Lasting Ways to Recharge as a Parent of a Child with Autism

A Parent’s Perspective: The Importance of Self-Care (not Self-Comfort)  Self-care has gotten a bad rap in recent years. I think it’s because there’s a focus on pampering yourself with bubble baths and pedicures that simply isn’t, nor…