parent training
Parental and Caregiver Support Services

Parental and caregiver involvement in ABA is vital to treatment success. Parents will learn more about their child’s autism diagnosis, behavior management techniques, and how to teach new skills. Moreover, parents provide important feedback about their child’s response to new strategies in other settings (such as the home and community). At ABA Connect, we use family-focused programming, which is critical to success. This means that we will consider the needs of the entire family in the development of your child’s intervention program. Some of the ways in which we strive to be family-focused include:

  • Involving families in programming decisions
  • Working with your insurance company to assist you in getting ABA coverage for your child (for ABA therapy.)
  • Providing regular feedback on your child’s progress through progress reports and team meetings

Families often struggle with children with ASD in public settings, such as the grocery store, restaurants, dentist appointments, play dates, etc. Your BCBA will work with you to develop interventions for navigating these community settings to ensure your child is successful. Support in community outings will include:

  • Watching your BCBA work with you and your child in the community setting
  • Receiving support from your BCBA as you and your child effectively learn the skills to have successful community outings
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure progress is maintained
If you have additional questions please call us at 512-898-9044. We look forward to hearing from you!