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At ABA Connect, we provide various assessments depending on your child’s needs.

Assessments for an Autism Diagnosis

Diagnostic assessments for autism are performed by pediatric neurologists and psychologists. Please read further about our autism diagnostic evaluations.

Milestone and Skills Assessments

As part of your child’s ABA program, we do an initial milestone and skills assessment. The initial assessment gives us a baseline of where your child is at when services begin and allows us to monitor progress and adjust the program based on your child’s development. We re-assess your child throughout your child’s learning process in order to evaluate skills learned and to discover the next skills to work on with your child.

Behavioral Assessments

At times your child may have behaviors that are not adaptive for your child or the family. These behaviors may include tantrum behavior, self-injurious behavior, or elopement. By discovering the function of these behaviors, or how these behaviors are serving your child, we can help to teach your child to learn other more productive behaviors and communication skills to be able to help your child have his or her needs met in a more adaptive way.