Getting Started

Research shows that for children with autism, access to early intervention is very important to achieving maximum gains.  ABA Therapy for a child under the age of 5 who have significant communication, social and behavioral challenges can benefit greatly from a full-day or half-day learning center program like at ABA Connect.

The first step to starting services is to give us a call at (512) 898-9044 to speak with our Administrative Coordinators, Ashleigh and Sara, to talk about insurance coverage, diagnosis, or any other questions that you might have. We are here to help through this process

When you speak with our Administrative Coordinators, we will get your insurance information and check your eligibility and benefits.  We can also at that time schedule a tour of the center where you can meet our board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), the therapists and administrative staff.  You can discover the environment your child will be learning in, any questions you have about  insurance benefits, and next steps in beginning services.

Once you have decided to begin services with our team at ABA Connect, we will help you with the necessary intake paperwork which includes having your child's diagnosis of autism on file.  Once we receive the intake paperwork, we are able to schedule an intake session that includes a parent interview and an assessment with your child.

Our programs are individualized and tailored to the immediate needs of your child. We will develop a behavioral program for your child based on the information from the parent interview and the assessment and go over this program with you for your input.  Your child's therapy team is assembled by putting together the right fit of therapist's skill set with your child's needs.  We take the time and consideration to ensure that we have the right team ready to work with your child.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at 512-898-9044 if you have any questions or to start this process. We are here to help!